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The stated purpose of the
shall be:
• To promote Code Enforcement standards in Mississippi municipalities and counties adjacent to and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast;

• To ensure safety to life, health, and property at reasonable costs, through continual education, training and certification of building officials and related code enforcement officials;

• To create a better public understanding and appreciation of the proper administration and enforcement of building, housing and zoning regulations and its importance to the safety, welfare and prosperity of municipalities and counties;

• To improve the prestige and professionalism of building officials and code enforcement officials by the promotion of higher standards of efficiency in the administration and enforcement of building, housing and zoning laws through education, training and certification;

• To assemble at monthly meetings with like government officials, charged with the application and enforcement of building, housing and zoning laws, enabling them to exchange ideas and discuss the mutual problems facing the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

• To be a representative voice to the Building Officials Association of Mississippi and the State of Mississippi for those regulatory issues that are unique to our geographic area.